A recent review of Michael Pollan’s new book Cooked has re-inspired me to start blogging again. It struck a chord, because cooking is a complicated subject in my house.  I feel a little bit like a fraud. Even though I know that home cooking is healthier for my family and for the environment, I don’t like to cook. I consider myself an environmentalist through and through. I buy organic and locally food. I have been a member of my local CSA for over 8 years. I have advocated for healthier food in my kids schools. I turn my nose up at processed foods and read food labels obsessively.  I have even been focusing much of my time in the last several months in marketing the organic greens that are growing on our families farm upstate. I know eating less meat is important. I know eating more vegetables is key. What I don’t know, is how to make myself like to cook.  And I avoid cooking at all cost. I am good at gathering/shopping for food. I am good at knowing what is healthy to eat. I am just not good at making it. I am going to write about my attempts to actually start cooking healthier meals (i.e more plants and less meat). And I will let you know how it goes. The good, the bad and all the mess in between. Wish me luck and please send advice and recipes my way.

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Happy New Year!

A new year. Lots of changes. I haven’t been writing much. My gig with Whole Living is over. On to new challenges.I want to stay focused on the issues at hand. This image from WWF says it all.

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Say No To Plastic Bags!

photo courtesy of Maui Surfer Girls

This picture doesn’t make you want to spend a day at the beach swimming in the ocean, does it? Ugh. What are we doing to our environment? It is a mess and there are days I want to crawl back into bed and give up, but there are always things we can do.

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Boat Trip With NRDC

In the wake of the ecological and human catastrophe wrought by hurricane Sandy, increased attention has been focused on green infrastructure to protect New York City and its inhabitants from storm related occurrences. Read more…
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First Harvest of Organic Winter Greens

Very excited to taste the first harvest of the organic winter greens from Obercreek farm grown in the high tunnels


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