Have a Green Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner, or so it seems, with store windows filled with ghostly goblins and scary witches. My kids are busy looking through catalogs and talking with friends about what they want to be this year. And we have all been discussing how to transform our front door into a spooky delight.

This year I have vowed to plan ahead and avoid that last minute purchase of plastic decorations and costumes. I am determined to turn our Halloween green.

Here are some ideas for doing just that:

  1. Check out Green Halloween. The site is filled with useful information including the toolkit section, with tips on approaching your child’s school about being “green” at Halloween and hosting your own Green Halloween or neighborhood bash.
  2. The official Costume Swap day is on Oct. 9th. Click here to find a swap near you. It’s a perfect way to clear out old costumes and find “new” costumes in time for Oct. 31st.
  3. We are planning to make our own costumes this year. I am starting this weekend to leave myself plenty of time. Click here and here and here for some inspiration before your get started.
  4. Skip the plastic Halloween decorations and make spooky spiders and creepy crawly rodents with black construction paper. Here is a great
  5. My kids love carving jack-o-lanterns. And we all love eating the pumpkin seeds after finishing carving. Here is a great recipe for preparing the seeds. And if you have pumpkins that haven’t been carved, you can always cook the pumpkin and make some tasty bread, pies, or soups.
  6. And we can’t forget the candy. I was thinking about handing out Halloween-themed stickers but my kids revolted. And I would love to do some homemade treats, but for safety reasons that doesn’t work out too well. So I have ordered a couple of boxes of Clif Kid Spooky S’mores, which don’t contain high fructose corn syrup, preservatives, or artificial flavors, and a couple of packs of Mini Glee Gum Variety Packs, which don’t contain artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives. I hope the kids approve.

What do you have planned for Halloween? I’d love some good DIY costume ideas!


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