Clean Sweep

September feels like the beginning of a new year. It felt that way
when I was a kid getting ready for school and it feels that way even
more so now that I have my own kids who will soon be heading off to
start a new school year. So in an attempt to prepare myself, I have
pledged a major clutter-clearing activity: digging through closets,
examining old clothes and revisiting old toys—you know the drill.
Three boxes: Throw Away, Give Away or Fix.

The step that always trips me up is the Give Away pile. Where do you donate so all that extra stuff doesn’t end up in the Throw Away pile and, ultimately, in a landfill?

I found a great list of places to take/donate old unusable stuff from one of my favorite websites, The Zero Waste Home, so that you can have a clean green conscience as you enjoy your clutter-free home:

You can also contact your local church, school or women’s shelter to see if they want/need your stuff. Or try organizing a garage or flea sale.

Now that you have a plan for your clutter, just remember not to go out and buy a whole bunch more stuff.

Happy clutter cleaning!


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  1. Malayamama says:

    Another one to add to the list would be which recycles textiles. I just discovered them and am thrilled that old clothes which are too soiled to be worthy of donating to charity can still be put to use as scrap material!