Green Your Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner. Houses in our neighborhood
are getting all decked out with cobwebs, scary witches and gruesome
monsters. Not to mention the candy piling up near the checkout sections
of every store imaginable. In my house, the conversation is all about costumes, costumes and more costumes. Our mailbox has been clogged for weeks with catalogs selling every costume in the world. My children have been spending hours poring over the pictures for ideas.

Before I succumb to the easy and expensive fix of pulling out my credit card and purchasing some terribly made, costly plastic creation from one of these catalogs, I proposed a contest to the kiddies. Who can create the greatest costume on their own with stuff found in the house? And, yes, there will be a prize.

Want to try to get some costume-making in your house? Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Take out all your costumes from years past. We have tons of choices, and some things can be repurposed. My daughter’s dog costume from two years ago might just work as fur for a caveman idea that my son is thinking about. Or the cape from my son’s Darth Vader costume could easily work as a cape for a scary vampire. You might just have what you are looking for already with a few alterations and some catalogs for inspiration.

  2. The next step is to check out Green Halloween. Click here to find a costume swap location in your neighborhood. Or click here to register your own costume swap. Just imagine the treasures you might find in your neighbors’ costume trunks and closets. Let your imagination soar.

  1. Lastly, I have scoured the web for some resources on DIY costume-making and found some great inspirations. This article has some good ideas. I love the “raining cats and dogs” costume. Or the roller coaster costume in this article. And here are 30 other ideas that might work. The cotton candy one seems like a fun idea. Lastly, here is a collection of 25 homemade Halloween costumes made from recycled materials. Beware, some of these are truly bizarre—the Mr. Baby Man creation, for instance! But it might just work to inspire the tweens in my family to get creative.

Happy eco-friendly Halloween!


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